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You Can't Out Give God

Gifts. Don’t you just love getting presents?  Even more than getting them, I love giving them.  Especially when you know you’ve nailed it ~ you have found that one just right gift for the one special person.  My daughter is engaged to be married and, like many brides to be, she has a gift registry at several different stores.  She was recently honored with a bridal shower and  I had the best time perusing the various registeries and picking out the perfect gift.  As is often the case, I got her something I would love to have ~ admit it, you have done the same thing!  In this case, it was a slow cooker.  My slow cooker (the third since I have been married) has served me so well over the years, and I know my daughter will be blessed to have one. 

An acquaintance of mine recently celebrated a birthday.  This proud father has several young children and he shared with his friends on Facebook the wonderful surprise his children got for him.  It began with a treasure hunt to find out what the present was and in the end he found a handmade certificate good for one Ipod.  He asked his children, “Who is going to pay for this?” to which they responded  “You!”  Don’t you just love that!  But isn’t that so like children?  They want with all their hearts to give us something they are not capable of giving us without our help.

The other morning I was praying in the shower.  Too much information?  Well, that’s where I often pray because it is a quiet time to reflect.  I was preparing to speak to a group of women and I began to tell the Lord that I wanted this to be my gift to Him.  I then started to ask Him to give me the strength to get through the engagement without paralyzing fear.  To give me good recall of my talk.  To help me to be a blessing to the women in the audience.  To speak His words, not mine, with power.  As I began to let loose with my list of petitions, a thought cut me off.  It was the thought of my friend Phil’s post on Facebook.  Suddenly, standing in the shower in the same way I came into this world, I recognized my own tremendous need.  Like a child, I wanted so badly to give my Father the most wonderful gift.  And like His child, I realized that without Him, I was incapable of giving Him that gift.  All that I  am,and all that I have, come from Him ~ all I can do is give back to Him, with praise and glory, what He has already done and given to me.  I hope He finds my efforts, my delight in wanting to give to Him, my naivete, as sweet as I found Phil’s children to be.  I have heard my pastor say many times, “You can’t out give God.”  So true.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!  Matthew 7:10-12

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One Response to Good Gifts

  1. Sharon says:

    There have been many times that I have poured out my heart to God in the shower – it’s a place where I can be totally alone and free to give vent to all my feelings (which often include tears…)

    I know God hears me.

    And yes, I also want to give Him something to show Him how very much I love Him, how much I want to serve and glorify Him – and yet, without Him I have nothing. But, He knows that – and all He asks for is my heart and my love.

    I think it goes something like this – He paid the price of the greatest gift of all – His Son. And the best gift I can give back to Him – all He really asks for in return – is accepting and following His Son, with all of my heart, my soul, my mind, and my strength.

    Thanks for this beautiful post, my friend.

    Honor and glory to Him – who deserves our all, our everything.


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