Chicken Soup for the Soul, It’s Christmas on Sale October 8th

Coming October 8th! Featuring Lynne's story, "The Christmas Stranger".

Coming October 8th! Featuring Lynne’s story, “The Christmas Stranger”.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas will be here in just a few months ~ it feels like it wasn’t that long ago that I was making new year resolutions! I hope the time between now and then moves slowly enough that we can enjoy each moment along the way.

The newest Chicken Soup book comes out on October 8th entitled, “It’s Christmas!” My story entitled “The Christmas Stranger” is included in this book and I so wish the Christmas stranger could know that he made such an impression on us. Wouldn’t it be great if somehow, some way, he read the story and connected? Ahhhh well, if not here, maybe one day in heaven.

If you are looking for a nice Christmas present to give as a thank-you gift or hostess gift, you might want to consider this book. I am told it is Santa friendly, so know worries about sharing the stories with little ones. An added bonus for me was that my friend, Lori Bryant, a prolific storyteller, has her story published in this book as well ~ we are even in the same section of the book! I will have the link to Amazon on my book page on October 8th so if you do decide to buy a copy, feel free to use the link. Amazon prices are usually the best and it won’t cost you any more to go through my website and I earn a small amount for each book sold…and I appreciate that very much!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho!

    I can think of few things that make me more *jolly* than the Chicken Soup success of my buddy!

    Congrats, and GOD BLESS!

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