Flying Saucers and Other Distractions

Now What Was I Doing????

Distractions.  When the kids were little they used to watch Sesame Street.  Occasionally, okay, maybe often, I would get caught up watching it with them.  There was one particular sketch that I have always remembered, maybe because I could relate to it so well.

A little flying saucer is whirling around muttering, “Mother Ship.  Must find Mother Ship.” Clearly this was a lost little guy.

The little flying saucer meets a boy walking by and shares his plight, “Must find Mother Ship.”

The boy patiently begins to give the little flying saucer directions to the landing spot, a nearby baseball field, but not two words into the directions and the little flying saucer is distracted by something.

Again, the little boy starts over with the directions.  And again, the flying saucer is quickly distracted by something else.  Finally the little boy says, “LISTEN!” and he makes the little flying saucer look right at him. “Listen, you have to pay attention if you want to get to your Mother Ship.”  In true Sesame Street fashion, we have a happy ending ~ little lost flying saucer is reunited with Mother Ship and we, err, I mean our children, learn a valuable lesson about the importance of not being distracted.  Well some of us learn.

For some of us, being easily distracted is still a problem ~ and by some of us, I mean me.  I start off with great intentions but then some other shiny, twinkling thing will catch my attention and I’m off.  I know that thing I started was important, but oh look, how pretty that butterfly is or I wonder why God made spiders and maybe I will start reading this book next.  Now what was I doing? I forgot, but I am pretty sure it was important. It seems we have a failure to focus ~ and by we, I mean me.

A friend of mine said that each year their church has a word for the year ~ something to think about, meditate on, and incorporate into your life.  I like this idea.  I have thought about adopting this for myself this year and I was thinking my word might be focus.  Oh wait, did someone say something about dinner, because I am starved!  But before I get started on that, I am just going to throw in a load of clothes.  Hold on now, let me grab this book to put away on my way back to the bedroom.  Gee, why haven’t I read this one yet?  Why not?  It looks great! Why am I standing in the hallway with this book? What was I doing? I completely forgot, but I am pretty sure it was important.  Alas, I guess some of us, and by us I mean me, will never learn.

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.  Proverbs 6:6-8

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2 Responses to Flying Saucers and Other Distractions

  1. Sharon says:

    This was a great post…oh wow, look at that spider…um, what did you write about?

    Seriously, distractions are a continual battle for all of us. The enemy does subtle, and very effective, work in his devious ways of diversion. *FOCUS* is a great word – and it’s the cure for spiritual ADD (Adoration Deficit Disorder). God calls us to be firmly focused on HIM, and His eternal purposes. I’m working on it.

    Learning how to be an ant…

    (You know, that might be a great post idea – don’t steal it! 🙂


    • Thank you, Sharon! Aren’t you glad this life is a process? I am! Well while you are working on being an ant, I am going to work on not being an ant…at least not this kind of “ant”. A friend and I were talking about our tendency to expect the worst outcome in a situation. Well, if not the worst, certainly not the best. Fear at work, I am sure. In this way, we are the worst kind of ANT ~ automatic negative thought thinker. And yes, this will be a future post – but you can have the good ant post and I will take the bad ant one. Another thing I will be working diligently on this year. Did I mention how grateful I am that this refining process is just that ~ a process!

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