Newest Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ The Dating Game

"My Mare the Matchmaker" is included in the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul book out now!

“My Mare the Matchmaker” is included in the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul book out now!

I heard someone by the front door and then the distinctive sound of a delivery truck pulling away. I love getting packages. don’t you? I whipped open the front door and pulled the box inside. A box of books ~ a sure way to this girl’s heart! It was the latest edition in the Chicken Soup series ~ The Dating Game. I knew the books might be arriving earlier than scheduled due to the holidays, and you don’t hear me complaining!

Being a contributor to Chicken Soup has been such a blessing on my writing journey and I have been so grateful for the opportunity to submit my stories, and sometimes, see them printed on a page, between two covers and sitting on a retailer’s shelf. Sure, one story out of many…and I am a-okay with that. I just love being a part of it all! I also really like what the new publisher has done with the covers~ I think they are just so catchy. Honestly, I have loved the covers on my last three books, and especially liked the “It’s Christmas” cover. But more important are the stories inside ~ everyone has a story and whenever I thumb through and read someone else’s story I am in awe of the storytelling talent out there and the humor and inspiration shared by my fellow contributors. It’s such a fun ride ~ I hope I never have to get off!

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2 Responses to Newest Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ The Dating Game

  1. Sharon says:

    Ah, I knew you when…

    When you were not so prolific or successful.

    When you were afraid to stand up in a living room and speak to an audience of three.

    When you did not have a website or blog.

    I loved you then, and I love you now!! Congrats on this latest publishing venture. I really am so very proud of you. And I’m rather proud to call you *friend*…


    • curlygirl4god says:

      Ah,friend, I still get nervous when I stand up and speak in front of three people and I am convinced each story to get into a Chicken Soup book will be my last! Just ask my husband who has heard me whine more than once that I am a washed up hack who got lucky a few times! Baby steps, just little baby steps…that’s all they are. But I am so grateful for friends, like you, who walk with me on this journey and encourage me along the way and give me reality checks when I need them (and I often do). Love you and very blessed and proud to call YOU sister and friend!

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