Speaker Topics

Each topic can be timed to meet your needs ~ whether you need a 25 minute luncheon or keynote talk, a 45 minute keynote or workshop, a one day retreat or a full 3 day retreat.

Let’s talk about how I can make one of these topics meet your needs


How To Be A PrincessEver feel like your value is in appearances? Feel like your identity is wrapped up in what you do? This is my testimony of God’s love and faithfulness in my own life. It is a fun talk that uses props and is relatable to women of all ages. After all, who doesn’t want to learn how to be a princess? This is a great talk for a women’s outreach event.


Created for Community

If you are looking for a way to inspire and encourage the women of your church to develop a greater sense of community and to walk through life side by side, then this talk, taken from the Book of Ruth, offers that call to action. We look at reasons why community is important and six key areas that can help build our sisterhood. Personal stories and struggles are shared, along with key scriptures.


Hidden Treasure Finder to Heaven Treasure Finder

Storage Wars, Antique Roadshow, American Pickers ~ who isn’t fascinated by finding hidden treasures? In this talk I share personal stories about finding treasures at auctions while sharing the truth about what God says about where our real treasures lie. With the popularity of these types of reality shows, this talk would be a good choice for your next outreach event. Click here to see a short video and audio clip for this talk.


Your Story for His Glory

Want to encourage and empower the women of your church or ministry to share their stories of faith? This talk has also been titled, “Sowing Seeds of Faith with Our Stories” because God calls us to be ready to share the hope that we have ~ and He has given us personal faith stories to do that. The aim of this talk is to encourage the women of your community to share their stories for His glory.


Where You Go

Taken from the Book of Ruth, this Mother/Daughter talk incorporates personal stories with stories from God’s word.  This talk encourages women to seek and follow Jesus, and to think about who they are following and where they are going.



Taming The Inner Control Freak

Many women struggle with the issue of control and finding a balance between what we can control and what we aren’t meant to control.  This talk identifies the characteristics of a control freak, gives some ideas and tools for taming the inner control freak, and most importantly stresses the need for us to surrender control to God. This would make a great interactive workshop to be included in your next one day women’s event.


If one of these topics sounds like a good match for your upcoming women’s event ~ send me a note. If you have a theme that requires a talk not listed above, let’s talk! Just fill out the comment form below.





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