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Is there a storyteller in YOU? Yes!

Is there a storyteller in YOU? Yes!

Oh, the discomfort of stretching that comfort zone! I am feeling it these days! Last month I prepared and delivered a new talk on expecting the unexpected during the holidays. This month I am preparing a workshop to be presented in January at our Toastmaster district conference. The topic? Storytelling.

Am I an expert storyteller? No way! Do I have some experience telling stories? You bet! And so do you! That’s part of the point of my workshop ~ we human beings were created to be storytellers. It’s how we naturally communicate, it’s effective and there are certain techniques that can help us tell better stories. And that is what I plan to share at my workshop!

As I prepare, I learn and I get even more excited about the whole idea of storytelling. My imagination takes me from a workshop to a storytelling festival, bringing back memories of storytelling festivals I attended years ago in San Juan Capistrano. Can you imagine it? Can you hear the storyteller’s voices? Sense the audience being pulled into the stories and taken on a journey? I can. Someday. So how far can you stretch a comfort zone, anyway? I think I’m going to find out!

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